A collection of the various promotional and advertising media we've collected...

Video Promo 1

This is a less-than-2-minute video put together to showcase some of the insanity that started this all up. Yes, all these itemz are still available in this store too!

Video Promo 2

We're hoping that every time you see one of those drug adz on TV (especially the onez with the creepy waddling human toyz), you think of us instead! We're still waiting on our FDA approval though...


One of the greatest benefitz of working with Zazzle is the wealth of promotional toolz they provide.

This is actually a collection of 9 different Flash-based panelz with a handy-dandy selection mechanism we whipped up to determine which one is displayed. One of the best thingz is that it is automatically kept up-to-date with all the latest/greatest productz!

Promotional Itemz

WildKidz' "Untamed"
Bumper Sticker

WildKidz' "Wild On"
Bumper Sticker

WildKidz' "Shirts Gone Wild"
Bumper Sticker

WildKidz' "Seriously? NOT"
Bumper Sticker